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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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three women who were missing for about a decade are finally free. you know that after allegedly being held captive in a home. there is breaking news tonight on the condition of at least one of the women held for nearly a decade. also, a phone call, amanda berry made today to her grandmother. you'll hear that in a moment. before we get to that, here is the latest information that we have. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight were found alive here after berry screamed for help and got the attention of neighbors who helped her escape. you're going to hear from one of those neighbors tonight. now, three suspects, former school bus driver ariel castro
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and his two brothers were arrested. some neighbors say they're shocked by what happened. others say they called police in recent years. and in one instance, seeing a naked woman in the backyard. the f.b.i. is searching the house, as i said, right now, for evidence. police chief says it will probably be a few more days until the investigation inside the house is complete. it is an incredibly emotional time, obviously, for the families and friends of these three women. for the first time in three years, amanda berry was able to call her grandmother in tennessee. i want to play you a little bit of that call from wjhl. >> hello? >> amanda. >> yes, grandma. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> i'm glad to have you back. >> i thought you were gone. >> nope, i'm here. >> thank you so much.
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i love you so much. >> the little girl is your baby? >> yes, she is my daughter. born on christmas. >> we've got to get together soon. >> i have a little girl and she wants to meet you. >> i love you, honey. >> i love you, too. >> i've thought about you all this time. i never forgot you. >> amanda berry on the phone with her grandmother. >> i did, anderson, i had a chance to talk to myra dejesus. she's 9 years older than gina. pretty much all day today at the hospital. and she told me that all things considered, gina is doing very well. she said she is in "good spirits." that is very good news to hear from her older sister. interestingly, she said that even though gina is now a young
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woman, she's 23 years old, she still seems and looks like the young girl that they remember her as, that 14-year-old girl before she disappeared. i asked mira, did you talk with your sister or your family about what gina has gone through? she said they did not even talk about it. they are focusing only having her sister back. the parents focusing on having the daughter back. so right now, it is just about welcoming her back. not talking about what she went through, at least not yet. >> i spent a lot of time talking with ricarda dejesus. and i asked her, did you know ariel castro. she says yes, i did know him a long time ago.
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they were not close friends, but he said that he has not talked to or seen ariel castro in the last ten years. so the entire span of time that his sister has been missing, ander sob. >> just incredible. earlier, i spoke with woio reporter dan derose about what he's learned. >> we're also hearing that for many of the first years that they were in the home, there were chains being used, one room in particular was found with chains hanging from the ceiling. they were bound and gagged several times throughout the course of being held in that home. we're also hearing from a source that the man who was holding them there, ariel castro would play this little dangerous game. that he would tell the women he was about to leave the home. and then he would wait. and if one of them tried to open that door, he would go in and attack them. that was one of the ways he was
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able to keep them there. we are also hearing from pretty well-placed sources that numerous times throughout this ten-year period that some of the women became pregnant, that they would be beaten, forcibly hit in the stomach to force a miscarriage. one of the reasons we're hearing that, they brought out cadaver dogs to search the backyard of that home. >> so, dan, i just want the be clear, this is based on you and your teams local law enforcement sources? >> that's correct. we have several law enforcement sources that have been in the community for years. very well connected and we're getting little pieces of invest out from them. obviously, the interviews are being very slow. trying not to traumatize them any further than they've already been through. day let them spend last night with their family. we know they were released from
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the hospital this morning, but they have not yet gone to their homes in cleveland. we're not sure where they are, possibly a hotel, maybe a hospital, maybe a psychological research-type center. but at this point, no signs of them at their homes. >> we are told by local law enforcement spokesperson, that some interviews were conducted today. now, my exclusive interview with charles ramsey, one of the neighbors who noticed amanda berry was screaming for help. a lot of people calming him a hero. >> so you moved in about a year ago. >> yeah. >> you'd seen ariel castro around, right? >> when i moved here. he was my neighbor. >> what was he like? >> cool. he wasn't no freak of nature. he was like me and you. he talked about the same thing you talk blt. about. you know, regular stuff, bro. >> so yesterday, wapd?
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>> you gonna love this. i'm going to tell it all. around 3:00, i was on my porch. and the mailman put his mail in my mail. i looked at it and said i've got to give ariel his mail when he comes home. before he went this the house,i said ariel, here go your mail. he said they can't get it right. i said nope, damn postal service. that's it. he left. i jumped on my bike. went to mcdonalds. came back home. i'm in my house. but i'm in the living room and i'm right by the front door because i'm looking out the front door. and, man, this girl screamed like a car had hit her kid, which made me, you know, you stop eating, what was that? so when i got up, i saw my neighbor across the street. he run across the street.
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i'm thinking where are you going? ain't nobody next door, i saw ariel leave. i heard that girl scream and saw him running across the street. i went outside and wondered what he was doing. amanda say i'm stuck in here, help get me out. he either don't no english that well or panicked. so here i come with my half eaten big mac. and i look and i say what's up? and she like i've been trapped in here. he won't let me out. it's me and my baby. i said you ain't got to talk to more, i'm trying to get the door open and i can't. so i did what i had to do and kicked the bottom of the door and she crawled out of it. she grabbed her baby and flew me off. all right. fine. i got some girl and her kid. >> what did she hook like? what was she wearing? >> a jump suit.
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she had a white tank top on. rings on, mascara. she was well groomed. she didn't look like she was kidnapped. that's what i'm saying. she was like i'm in here trapped. i'm like, well, you don't look kidnapped. maybe you've got a poi friend problem. but i'm thinking, i know who lives here. he's 50 something. you can't be the boyfriend. maybe you're dating his son. >> and you had never seen her before. >> bro, that man, listen. never. that wochl didn't come out the house. the only kids that came out the house were two little girls. they played in the backyard. he had two dogs. and where i live, naturally, is next door. my bedroom was upstairs. same thing every day. the neighborhood knows them as grandchildren.
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no big deal. you got the grand kids over all the time. i thought. >> amanda berry then, what? asked to call 9-1-1? >> um-hmm. and i took her into my house. now, i'm nervous as hell. so i'm fumbling with my phone. so i finally did it right. she can't wait. so what i do is tell her go a i cross the street and use their phone. now we're both calling 9-1-1. she deals with a moron. and me, too. >> what do you mean about a moron? i heard the 9-1-1 call from her. the woman was hang up and wait for the police. >> really. how about stay on and i'll talk to you until they get there. >> right. >> coming up, more of my exclusive interview with charles ramsey. he tells me what it was like to live in a neighborhood for a year without knowing women were held captive.
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neighbor, the three women may still be in that house. here's more of my exclusive interview. >> so you called 9-1-1. how fast did they get there? >> because i said moron. i said hey, amanda berry is right in pront front of me right now. i told them. white tank top, nice tennis shoes, ponytail. what else? oh, right. she's panicking, idiot. pit yourself in her shoes. i just said amanda berry. >> when you first saw her and she said the name amanda berry, it didn't register? >> no, i had forgot. bro, this is cleveland. since they haven't found that girl and i guess, stopped looking for that girl, we figured that girl met her demise. so berry didn't register with me until i was on the phone, wait a minute. i thought this girl was dead. >> what does it feel like to have been living next to this
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for a year? >> see, that's why now i'm having trouble sleep. see, up until yesterday, the only thing that kept me from losing sleep was the lack of money. do you understand what i'm saying? >> um-hmm. >> so now that that's going on, and i could have done this last year, not this hero stuff, just do the right thing. >> do you feel like a hero? >> no, no. bro, i'm a christian and an american and i'm just like you. we bleed the same blood. put our pants on the same way. it's just that you got to put that being a coward and i don't want to get in nobody's business, you've got to put that away for a minute. >> you know how it is. a lot of people turn the other way. >> you've got to have some cojohes on this planet. >> has the fbi said anything
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about a reward sn i'll tell you what you do. you give it to them. if you've brn following me since last night, you know i've got a job anyway. i just went and picked it up. paychecks. what's that address say. 2203 seymore. right next door to this paycheck. so, yeah, take that reward and give it to -- that little girl came out of the house and she was crying. and i'm looking at her. i'm like your momma is trying too help you. she said i want my daddy. i said who is her daddy. she said ariel. i said how is that possible. if you got kidnapped, he was having sex with you? oh, jesus -- that little girl is his.
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now we want to hurt you. >> you felt that. >> bro, this would be a different interview. if we had known that, man, i'd be facing triple life. >> wow. i'm glad it turned out this way. >> charles ramsey, who, with the help of another neighbor, helped amanda get out of that house. up next, why didn't the 9-1-1 operator stay on the phone while waiting for help. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick...and then i got better.
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there's so much that we still don't know has gone on inside the house. what little information there is has come from leaks, but it's still very early hours, very early days in this investigation. we we want to be cautious about some of the information that's coming out. we want to make sure that we get the full story and that will take many days, perhaps even weeks, if we ever fully understand what went on there over the last ten years. we have heard the 9-1-1 call. it's raised some questions. there's been criticism of some of the 9-1-1 operator. >> i'm amanda berry.
10:22 pm
the operator did not stay on the line until police arrived. the cleveland police department said the dispatcher's actions are under review. >> appreciate you being with us. that 9-1-1 call, it has gotten some criticism because the operator did not stay on the line. is that under review? >> that is something that the division is looking into at that time. the call taker was able to get the information that was needed, a call was dispatched within 18 seconds and then zone car arrived on scene in under 2 minutes. so really time wasn't a factor. what needed to be done was done. >> there's obviously a lot about the investigation you're not going to be able to talk about. is there anything you can tell
10:23 pm
us about what you've seen today? >> currently, we have with us the entire response team for this scene. and they are responsible for all of the evidence gathered in collection. >> so all the folks in the white suits, that's f.b.i.? >> correct. the f.b.i. has that entire scene. the cleveland division of police is in full partnership with the f.b.i. they have the entire scene under control. >> this is just the tip of the ice burg. this investigation will take a very long time. >> are there other properties? have thou those been searched? >> i don't have information at this time. >> local news has reported that some chains were found inside,
10:24 pm
that according to their sources , there may have been multiple sources that have been terminated. can you comment on that? >> i just say that there's evidence that the girls had some things to say to investigators. >> do you know have there been more interviews with the young women today? in the press conference this morning, police were very careful to say that last night, their focus was to allow them to talk with their families. do you know have any interviews undergone today? >> yes, there were some interviews today. >> and in terms of the way the system here works, it's within 36 hours of the arrest? >> typically, our protocol between the cleveland division of police and municipal court is our detectives charge within 46 hours. however, the federal mandate is that we charge within 48 hours. and the administrative judge did extend for us to be able to have the entire charge period, the full 48 hours in this case.
10:25 pm
>> so does that guarantee that charges would -- i'm not sure when exactly the clock starts ticking. >> yeah, from the time that they're booked. so at least by sometime tomorrow evening. >> do you know have the suspects been interviewed? there was a report out that they're going to be interviewed tomorrow. >> correct. they're expecting to interview the suspects tomorrow. >> that was detective jennifer cocci. coming up, jacee dugard made some very rare public remarks. what she said about her journey to try to rebuild her life ahead. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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welcome back. tonight, jaycee dugard was kidnapped as a child, being held 18 years. here's what she said just moments ago at the hope awards in washington. >> i feel like i have come full circle. and we are all finally together. celebrating the wonderful hope that you keep alive every day. i am so thankful for the team of people that have supported me throughout these last few years. i am so grateful to all of you.
10:30 pm
i can't say they have been easy. but anything in life worth doing is sometimes hard. like speaking. [ laughter ] >> jayce, dugard had created a foundation. that does it for this edition of 360 live from cleveland, ohio. amanda knox, the unanswered questions with chris kuomo starts now. >> the following is a special cnn report. >> tonight, amanda knox put to the test. >> why would you say that if it didn't happen. why are you the one who is strange? why not check on your friend? why didn't you check on your friend? >> and she holds nothing back. >> i was screaming it to the prosecutor when they were screaming at me during my interrogation and no one listened to me. it's like i'm having to prove my innocence instead of just saying it. >> the terror of her time behind
10:31 pm
bars. >> i couldn't even defend myself the same way other prisoners. i'm not attacking you. everyone please be my witness that i'm not attacking you. the threats she believes she still faces. there are not normal people who are fixated on me. and i don't know what they're capable of. >> and for the first time, knox takes on those questions about her sexual behavior. >> i was not strapping on leather and bearing a whip. >> amanda knox, her fight for freedom. the fight of her life. the unanswered questions begins right now. hello, everyone. tontd, we ask amanda knox the questions that go to the heart of why people doubt her so vehemently. she will reveal new information about her actions, about the investigation and what has happened to her since returning home after four years in an italian prison. to be sure, you will hear her strongest arguments to date for why she is not a killer. the debate has been reignited by
10:32 pm
knox's new book, "waiting to be heard." but be italy preparing to retry knox, her story is far from over. nor is it over from her family who sacrificed so much or more importantly, for the family of murder victim, meredith kircher. amanda knox will face the tough questions from us in just a moment. but, first, let's remember where this story begins. with two bright-eyed foreign exchange students anxious to start an adventure in italy. >> it started with a murder. british exchange student is found dead in her bedroom. details emerge. kircher found half naked, her bra clasp cut. police hone in on a suspect.
10:33 pm
amanda knox, 20 years olt. an exchange student from america and kircher's roommate. the media frenzy surrounding the case is almost immediate. >> amanda knox was back in court over the weekend. >> she saw drops of blood in the sink and on a bath mat. but she couldn't find meredith. but she went back to her boyfriends instead of calling police. the two are interrogated for days. knox says she's unaware she's a suspect. she then admits to what she later calls a coerced statement, placing herself at the scene that night. in july, 2008, knox, her boyfriend and a third man are charged with kircher's murder. forensic scientists find her dna all over the crime scene.
10:34 pm
prosecutors believe knox were come police sit in the murder. they rely heavily on her tabloid image as foxy knoxy. they are found guilty. she is sentenced to a total of 26 years in prison. two years later, a new trial and a different outcome. the dna linking them not even considered evidence. >> the first thing she wants to do is just lie in a green field.
10:35 pm
>> free to fly back to america, but leaving so many wondering what really happened that night. >> thank you very much for taking the opportunity. >> oh, thank you for having me. >> you laid out your story. you have told your truth. there is reaction, there are doubts. you know this. how do you explain it? >> it's hard. it's hard to prove that you're innocent. that you didn't do something. and i think that there is yet to remain an openness to understanding my experience and i hope that this me going through all of these interviews will help to at least encourage a reconsideration.
10:36 pm
>> you'reer in vousz. nervous. >> yeah. >> you're worried. >> yeah, this is affecting my life. i thought this would be over by now. i really did. >> it's not over. there's a lot of doubts. are you ready to deal with what's out there? >> i have to be. i've had to be this entire time. i haven't ever really been ready for any of it. i mean, this is all so much bigger than me. they're coming from the fact that the prosecution has not given a satisfactory answer to what's happened and i'm being the one who's being held responsible for that. >> why are you? why not some man? why you? why do you think the prosecution
10:37 pm
is targeting you? >> well, that's a really good question. i think it comes back to their decision to target me from the very beginning. i think from the very beginning, they wanted to think that what happened to meredith was an inside job. >> hmm. >> i definitely acted a little differently than others. but what i think is important to understand about that and -- >> give it to me. what's your answer? what's inside? don't hold back. this is your chance. people aren't holding back when they criticize your story. when they say it's not believable. that you're not believable. if there's a time to come with it, now is the time.
10:38 pm
>> well, i find it incredible that despite an absolute lack of evidence that connects me to this murder i'm still being judged based upon unrealistic expectations about how a young woman would react to a horrible situation. no one knows how they would react to a horrible situation until it happens to them. people were screaming in italian and i was trying to figure out what was happening. so in the immediacy, i was shocked. but i am the type of person wo who to this day, people suggest i'm cold and unfeeling. first of all, it's untrue. i'm emotional to this day about what happened.
10:39 pm
but i'm also the type of bern person when there is pressure on me, to react, to feel in front of people, i freeze. i would much rather -- i much rather suppress my emotion than have it be determined as insincere and effected. >> as a result, you seem flat, you seem cold, you seem indifferent. not to be insulting, but those are the observations. >> the observations, i don't think, are fair to be quite honest, because i did react to what happened. and i continue to react. and i am emotional. i -- the -- i've cried. i've been angry. i've been scared. and these were all things that i've shown, that have come out of me. i mean, as i was going through all of this, when i cried, it was bad. when i didn't cry, it was bad.
10:40 pm
when i smiled it was bad. when i didn't smile, it was bad. i have been paralyzed by this kind of scrutiny. and i feel like it's unfair. >> you have a behavior where you pause before you answer. and it looks like you're trying to figure out how to be. or maybe it's just that you're afraid of what will come out of you. what is that pause? >> it's taken me a long time to be able to come out of my own head. that was the only place that i was ever safe. that was the only place that i could nurture myself. through whatives going through. >> when i ask you a question and you pause before you answer, and i'm sure in other interviews, a lot of that gets edited out.
10:41 pm
but maybe it's the most important point. what's the pause? >> i'm constantly afraid of being misconstrued. i'm not the best speaker. i write. this is the way that i think and i'm able to understand what it is i actually want to say. i write it down. i'm not the type of person who is very good at finding the right words. and i know from experience that every word counts and that i'm being judged upon every single word that i say. so i have to pause. i have to pause because i know that any -- any word -- can be construed and have the longest-lasting effect on my life. >> coming up, amanda knox takes on the lurid sexual allegations that help get her convicted. >> did you have any type of
10:42 pm
experimental sexual activities? >> i've never taken part in an orgy. ever. >> plus, caught in a trap. her struggle to prove her innocence. >> there was nothing that i could do that was right. i was scared. i just completely clammed up. >> and trying to move on and rif living with the horrors she experienced. >> i sit in my hotel room and cry so loud until the security calls the room because the person next door has heard me crying..
10:43 pm
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10:46 pm
people like to read headlines to you that call you a vixen, foxy knoxy, whatever it is. okay. the dancing, the real proposition here is prosecutors believe this happened because you were a sexual deviant, right? right? forget the headlines. that's what this is about. at its core. this is their theory. that you went in there for some kind of freaky sexual activity that went wrong and your roommate wound up dying. >> fair?
10:47 pm
>> that's what they say. >> that's what it is. that's the truth of the proposition. is there truth to that proposition? were you into deviant sex? insensitive question, but, hey, we've got to get to what it is. were you into that kind of experimentation? >> no. >> did meredith suspect you were into these type of things and created a barrier? >> no. >> and therefore you resented her? >> no. >> because she was judging you. none of that? >> no, absolutely not. and there's no evidence of that. >> that's the theory. knox is into some freaky, sexual things. she tried to pull in meredith who was a stayed, buttoned up brit and it went wrong. that's they're theory. that was in the discussion of the judges, yes? >> absolutely. and i was there in the courtroom when they were calling me things like violent and whore and
10:48 pm
deviant and it's all untrue! where are they getting it from? did you have any type of experimental activities there that you're embarrassed to talk about? >> no. in the book, i talk about all of my sexual experiences and i haven't needed to talk about the details of that because they aren't deviant. i was not strapping on leather and bearing a whip. i've never done that. >> no rope activity sns. >> i've never taken part in an orgy, ever. >> and your roommates wouldn't have told prosecutors this? could they have gotten this idea from somewhere else? maybe you're not telling the truth? maybe you are telling the truth and they heard it from somewhere else. >> no one has ever claimed that i was taking part in deviant sexual activity. none of my roommates, none of my friends, none of the people who knew me there. that is simply coming out of the prosecution. no witnesses have ever come out saying anything like that. and the reason why they
10:49 pm
continued to perpetuate this idea is because they had this idea about me. it would legitimize their accusations against me. i would be the type of person, a deviant to do this. this is them projecting their own idea about the kind of person that would be capable of doing what happened to meredith on me. and they have nothing. they have nothing to sustain it. they didn't get it from me. and they didn't get it from witnesses. it literally came from the prosecution. and this is what i've been up against this entire time. this fact that the prosecution was projecting onto what
10:50 pm
happened, their own theories about young women and women who are -- i was sexually active. i was not sexually deviant. >> did you ever tell meredith something that she may have told people that you were uncomfortable with? >> no. >> the theory is you went there to do something deviant. she didn't want to. it went wrong. she got killed. you agree that is the theory, right? >> yes. that's what i'm up against. this notion of femme fatale that is completely unrealistic. >> so if that is not true, what is true? what kind of person are you? who are you? >> i mean, i really don't feel different from other people. i think that -- i mean, i wrote my book to show what kind of person i am. and i painstakingly sought out to be honest. to not hide. even my parents were telling me, are you sure you really want to
10:51 pm
talk about this? i'm putting myself out there because i'm tired of being judged on wrong information. i am being judged and there's nothing i can do about that. but i am so tired of having to confront wrong information. this trying to prove what i'm not. and trying to prove what i didn't do. it's absurd. and i'm -- i'm having to continue doing this to this day. and these are fantasies. these are notions. honestly, like i was discussing this with my boyfriend yesterday. just trying to imagine. where is this idea of me coming from. and i mean -- that's the right question. >> there have been police officerings police officers who said i wreaked of sex all of the time. i would just come into the police office wreaking of sex and just constantly thinking what was on their mind when they looked at me was sex. and i just do not understand it,
10:52 pm
except for the fact that i am a young woman. >> there are a lot of young women. why do you think people have this impression of you? >> i'm not, for instance, meredith's friends. >> that's right. it's you. it's a big question. >> why me? >> big question. the prosecution bases most of its theory on this in terms of motive. we'll get to the other parts. motive, you're a freak. you went in there to do something freak kwi. it went wrong and it cost her her life. period. >> yeah. and i was no different than the other women in my house. i wasn't. >> so that means, in your mind, you spent four years of your life in jail because of a perverted prosecutor. >> yeah, that's what i think. >> how do you handle that.
10:53 pm
that's got to make you angry. >> i am angry. >> that's what you believe. that's got to be tough to live with. >> i mean, it truly is incredible to have to come to terms with that. i any that's one of the reasons why it took me so long to understand what was happening to me. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe the kinds of accusations that were being thrust upon me. and the kind of explanations that the prosecution was putting towards me. i felt like for months and months and months, i just did not -- there was nothing i could do to defend myself against it. it was a bombardment of falsehood and fant si. >> coming up, what happened the night meredith kircher died. and what was behind that strange
10:54 pm
behavior. >> they all say the same thing. they thought you were responding weird. strange. >> yeah. >> why? >> plus, the trauma behind bars. >> i'm not attacking you. everyone, please be my witness. i am not attacking you. built to keep you moving. see it in action at bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his small business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card
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we'll get right back to the amanda knox interview in just a moment. but we want to go to anderson cooper, the headline, three women found alive years after being kidnapped. anderson, what's the latest now? >> well, yeah, chris, it's still very much a crime scene. you can see the house, the white porch light is still on. the f.b.i. is still inside there. they've been photographing, removing evidence, they have been there all day, all of last night and no doubt will be here all tonight, as well. this entire area, it has been quarantined off. the suspects have to be charged within 48 hours, by tomorrow efing. those charges have not yet been filed or announced. i did talk to the cleveland police department. they hope to speak to the
10:59 pm
suspects, interview the suspects tomorrow. that has not yet been done. not clear if those suspects will be clear or not. in all cases, the authorities have begun to interview them throughout the day today. early this morning, they said that last night, they were trying to allow the women to take it very easy. they are still very actively trying to figure out what happened inside that house over the last ten years or so. i did have chance to talk to chaurlgs ramsey, the man who has made headlines around the world for helping mandi berry get out of that house. >> she's like i've been trapped in here and he won't let me out. i'm trying to get the door open and i can't. he done torture chambered it in some kind of way and locked it up. i did what i had to do and kicked the bottom of the door
11:00 pm
and she crawled out of it. >> charles ramsey, another neighbor, chris, as you know, helped her get out. he's lived here for about a year and had no idea what was going on. >> i love when mr. ramsey said to you i had to put cowardess aside and help someone in need. the one thing knox is certainly guilty of is acting in ways that most would find strange. we'll get to her response in just a moment. but, first, the litany of odd behavior that condemned her in the eyes of so many. >> who kisses in front of a murder scene. who does gymnastics in front of investigators, giggles when their girlfriend lur